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Team Name: Team Nil

Guild Leaders: Rogues

Leader Information

Name and Species: Ezroh; Pikachu

Nature: Quiet, strong willed

Gender: male

Strengths: Is an excellent leader, very good at managing teams and always finds his way out of a problem, no matter how insurmountable they may seem.

Weaknesses: He has a tough time handling situations on his own, which is a big problem since he starts out with no additional members.

Moves: Discharge, Volt Tackle, Thunder Punch, Volt Switch

Accessories: Red scarf, tied around his arm

Prose Presentation

"...You're kidding," Ezroh said with disbelief.

"We are not in the business of humor, young Ezroh," Devonshire responded. "As I stated before, you will have complete access to our files, and you will be provided with funds."

"What's the catch?" Ezroh asked.

"This is the catch," Gunpowder stated, as he displayed the red cloth hanging from his right claw. "You work for us."

Ezroh kept quiet for a while. Then he took the cloth and tied it around his right arm.

"It's a deal."
What's this? Another team appears?

That's right, I made another team. Look forward to seeing this team in Mission 3!

Also, check out my Rescue Team!
Team Durahan:[link]

Ezroh is mostly quiet, trying not to mingle in order or keep himself focused on his mission. Whatever that may be. He's very good at directing a team so that they execute a plan perfectly even if they have no experience. He can easily identify someone's potential and bring the best out of his teammates. He seems to be looking for someone, though the identity of said person is unknown.

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July 27, 2011
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