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"Emilicia!" Psy shouted.

Emilicia ceased her attack on Isolde and turned around, seeing that her guardian was okay. She immediately hopped towards him and lept into his arms. Noticing Psy's body was still cold, she pressed up against him, attempting to warm him up.

"Thanks," he said.

"Yeah, so, you didn't answer my question, dude," Morfius pointed out impatiently.

"Just show the nice Froslass your badge so we can get out of here, please?" Psy pleaded.

Morfius shrugged, then turned to look Isolde, revealing the Rescuer's Badge he kept stowed away in his bandanna. Isolde took notice of this, as well as the fact that Morfius and Psy wore matching colored bandanna's, leading her to the conclusion that Psy was telling the truth all along. She took the bandanna covering her mouth and wore it on her head, while facing the ground in embarrassment at the way she behaved.

"Fine. Take the fireworks away," she said.

Leon, Meri and Psy all let out a deep sigh.

"Psy… okay?" Emilicia asked.

Psy chuckled. "Yes, Psy's okay… Thanks to you."

He pet Emilicia on her head, and they both smiled at each other. Seeing this, Isolde was struck with a feeling of nostalgia, thinking of the days she spent with her now deceased father.

"Wait," she said.

"What is it now?" Psy asked impatiently, hopping around like someone in desperate need of a visit to the restroom.

"Allow me to assist," Isolde proposed, her tone of voice slightly meeker than before.

Team Durahan and The Masked looked at each other.

Nearing the exit of the forest that lead to Tao Village, Team Durahan and The Masked carried fireworks, accompanied by Isolde and her Snorunt brigade, whom also were carrying fireworks.

"It's been bothering me for a while, but..." Psy started saying to Isolde. "But that statue of that Weavile… it's fake, isn't it?"

Leon and Meri's eyes widened. Isolde nodded.

"B-but it looks so real!" Meri exclaimed.

"That doesn't matter," Morfius commented, donning Psy's appearance. "Ice-types can't be frozen."

"But it seems that gang of Sneasels wasn't aware of that," Psy added.

"I was originally going to break that statue. But it's helped me keep that gang of Sneasel in check, and the forest peaceful," Isolde explained.

"Why did you make that statue anyway?" Leon asked. Isolde kept silent as they exited the forest. "I see. I'm sure you have your reasons," Leon said with a stern tone.

They stopped as Morfius transformed into a wooden cart, similar to the one Shroomsworth used on his trip to Sapling Village. The Snorunt and everyone immediately got the hint and started placing all the fireworks in the cart.

"Hey, Isolde… I have to apologize… for earlier." Leon stared at the ground, rubbing his right arm with his paw. "I said something inconsiderate earlier. Psy explained that you're not fond of hearing that name. I didn't know. I'm sorry."

Leon slowly looked up at Isolde, who looked at him square in the eye. He suddenly felt tense. Then everyone startled when they heard a loud cracking noise, like the sound of a lightning bolt striking a tree. They looked in the direction of the forest, and saw a pillar of smoke rising in the distance.

"What was that?" Morfius asked. "A fire? We have to go put it out!" Isolde said.

"We can handle the rest from here. You go take care of that fire. And thanks for the help," said Psy. Isolde nodded.

"Alright! Let's go, everyone!" she commanded, and she floated into the forest, her group of Snorunts running right behind her.

Leon stretched out his arm. He opened his mouth, wanting to yell "Wait!" but nothing came out. He dropped his arm.

"Leon? Are you okay?" Meri asked.

Leon turned around, shrugged, and began walking.

"Let's just go."
part 8 of Team Durahan's Firework Bonanza featuring The Masked!

The Masked::iconhaychel:[link]


Team app:[link]
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Nice set-up. Good execution as always.
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