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With his right arm, Psy pushed Leon slightly, urging him to back up, just like he was doing.

"They're retreating?" Isolde wondered.

Then she noticed blue sparkles floating in front of her. She quickly realized what it was, and took off her bandanna, and wore it over her mouth, revealing a scar on her forehead.

"Everyone! It's Sleep Powder! Cover your faces!" But as she gave out the warning, her Snorunt companions began falling to the ground, one by one.

Psy tutted. "Tsk. Well, that didn't work."

Isolde was furious. "I knew it! You're trying to pull one over on me!"

Psy became irritated as well. "Look, lady. We just want to bring back the fireworks. You're not exactly making it easy, you know."

Isolde raised her arms and then stretched them forward. "Go to hell, all of you!"

A strong snowy wind began to blow, overwhelming Psy and Leon, eventually encasing them in ice. Meri changed to her Snowy Form due to the cold environment Isolde created, preventing her from being frozen. She changed back to Sunny Form, in an attempt to defrost the two Riolu with a Weather Ball.

"Not so fast!" Isolde shouted.

She let loose another Blizzard, reverting Meri to Snowy Form once more.

"Huh? I s-switched back?" Meri said in surprise.

"As long as I'm here, you won't be able to change forms to your leisure. I will, however, let you if you take your friends and leave the forest at on-"

Before Isolde could finish, she was struck by a green orb of energy from the side.

"Who did that? Show yourself!" she yelled after regaining her posture.

Out of a bush jumped a Shiny Petilil wearing a purple bow. It was Emilicia, with a face of discontent at her parent being encased in ice. She turned to look at Meri and nodded. Meri wasn't sure what that was supposed to mean. Emilicia affixed her gaze to Isolde again and began launching a barrage of Energy Balls, which Isolde proceeded to avoid.

"What is this kid trying to do?" Isolde thought, fervently avoiding Emilicia's attacks.

"M-maybe… she's holding her off for me?" Meri said in her mind. "Then… this is my chance!"

Meri began to glow, using Sunny Day in an attempt to change back to her Sunny Form.

"I won't let you!" Isolde shouted, and as she was dodging the Petilil's attacks, she quickly conjured up a black and purple ball of energy and launched it at Meri.

The Shadow Ball was intercepted by a blue amorphous figure. Meri created a small Weather Ball and shot it at the two Riolu's encased in ice, releasing them from their cold prison. Leon and Psy began moving their limbs, trying to warm up.

"T-t-thanks, Meri!" Leon said, as his teeth were clattering.

"M-m-morfius!" Psy shouted,still feeling cold. "What are you d-d-d-doing here?"

The blue blob, wearing a purple bandanna pointed up with his jello-like hand.

"I saw a fire rocket explode when I helped carry some of the fireworks out of the forest. What's going on here?"
I'm having mixed feelings about this story, but I have to see it through!
part 7 of Team Durahan's Firework Bonanza featuring The Masked!

The Masked::iconhaychel:[link]


Team app:[link]
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