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Leon quickly covered his face with his arms, bracing for the impact with the fire rocket. The hissing sound that accompanied the fire rocket sounded louder, then suddenly the sound faded. Leon looked up just in time to see the fire rocket careening upwards, exploding above the forest. As he looked in front of him, he saw a Riolu wearing a purple bandanna, holding a Snorunt under his right arm, and a dome of light in his left paw, which slowly faded.

"Force Palm?" Leon thought.

"What's this? Another Rogue?" Isolde asked.

The Snorunts ceased their attack and regrouped after Psy appeared.

"Rogue? No. I'm with the Rescue Guild. Team Durahan," he answered.

Leon noticed that Psy's legs were trembling.

"Here you go," Psy said as he threw the Snorunt at Isolde and her brigade. The Snorunt landed near them on her back.

Psy proceeded to take a deep breath, the trembling in his legs coming to a halt.

"That was way too close," he thought to himself, trying to keep a poker face, though in his mind he was ready to curl up into a ball.

"Leon, was it? Maybe it's not such a good idea for your friend to be in that form," he said as looked behind him. He then looked at Isolde. "Wouldn't want to burn down the whole forest. Right?"

Isolde glared back at him, not letting her guard down.

"What do you want?" she asked in a sneering tone.

"There's an Emboar in Tao Village who has been asked all of the Guilds to help retrieve his fireworks from this forest. We're just helping him out," Psy explained.

"You're lying," Isolde commented.
"Why would I lie?" Psy asked.
"Why wouldn't you lie?"
"Because I'm telling the truth?"

Isolde and Psy continued to stare each other down.

"Man, this is going nowhere fast," Psy thought. "Wait a minute, wait a minute. Why do you think I'm lying in the first place, anyway?" he asked.

"Because men lie. That's what they do," she answered, and then looked at the frozen Slasher. "Just like he did," she thought.

Psy let out a big sigh and slapped his forehead. "What do I have to do to convince you to let me take the fireworks off your hands?" he asked.

"You say you're a Rescuer? Prove it. Show me your badge," she demanded.

"Badge?" Psy asked.

"Yeah, that's right. All Rescuers get one, right? Show it to me." Isolde made a beckoning gesture as she demanded proof.

"She's only half right," Psy said in his mind. "Only Rescue Team leaders get one. And I'm not a leader. What to do?"

Psy raised his arms, similar to someone who was about to get arrested, and slowly stepped forward.

"Look… I'm not the leader of my team, so as it stands… I don't have one," he started. "But! If we could just talk it over, I'm sure-"

"Don't come any closer!" Isolde shouted, interrupting Psy's plea.

She raised her hand, and a light blue glowing ball of ice appeared. She quickly tossed it at Psy. He covered his face with his arms, and got hit by the Ice Shard, pushing him backwards, bumping into Leon. Leon dug in his heels so he wouldn't fall over, while holding Psy's back.

"Whoa! Are you alright?" he asked.

"Yeah," Psy responded, rubbing his arms, trying to relieve them of the cold stinging sensation. "Looks like she's past the point of reasoning. Going to have to calm her down somehow."

Hearing that piqued Leon's curiosity. "Do you have something in mind, uum…"

"The name's Psy…" Psy nodded, And Emilicia, who was peering through an opening in the bush she was hiding in, nodded as well.

"...And yes, I do."
Psy just barely manages to redirect the fire rocket to save Leon, and the Snorunt that held onto it! He then tries to diffuse the situation, but Isolde won't have it! He's forced to switch to plan B, and it seems to involve Emilicia! But she's just a kid!
part 6 of Team Durahan's Firework Bonanza featuring The Masked!

The Masked::iconhaychel:[link]


Team app:[link]
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