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Halting to a stop, Emilicia looks around to see where she is. She had ventured deep into the forest. Psy told her to run, though she was not sure where to run or how far. All she did was run until there were no more Pokémon in sight. She then began wondering when her father would come find her. Admiring all the trees and plant life, the baby Petilil found herself at ease, and closed her eyes for a bit. She could hear the wind moving through the tree branches, sounding similar to waves from a large body of water crossing the shore. She also felt a little chilly, but it didn't bother her much. Then she heard a loud voice.

"Emilicia!" the voice shouted.

Emilicia opened her eyes, to see a Riolu with a purple bandanna running towards her. Her face was filled with glee and she began hopping towards the Riolu, eventually flying into his arms.

"Thank Arceus, I found you! You okay?" Psy asked.

The Petilil looked up at him and nodded. She then began inspecting him more carefully.

"Psy… okay?" she uttered.

Psy was a little surprised at hearing Emilicia speak again.

"Uh, yeah. I'm fine, why wouldn't I be?" He then remembered earlier, when he was almost trampled by the horde of Pokémon rushing into the forest. "Oh, that. Don't worry, I didn't get hurt."

Emilicia moved her head from side to side, waving the leaves on her head after hearing the good news.

"Alright, let's go back and find Morfi-"

He suddenly heard a faint sound. It was the sound of a group of Pokémon singing.

"What is that? Someone singing?" he thought to himself.

His eyes began to glow and he looked around. In the distance, he sensed the aura of an Ice-type Pokémon approaching, with many of the same type following it. The conclusion he made from this filled his mind with tension.

"Crap, it's Isolde!" he uttered softly. "We need to hide!"

As the glow in his eyes faded, he quickly looked around and saw a large bush, which he proceeded to run towards and hide in.

"We need to be very quiet, okay?" He said to Emilicia.

"Quiet," the Petilil answered softly.

Psy nodded, making a shushing gesture, and made a small opening in the bush so he could peer through. The singing became louder and clearer.

"Who run the world? Girls!
Who run the world? Girls!
Who run the world? Girls!"

As the singing became louder, Psy could see a Froslass, followed by a large group of Snorunts. The Froslass looked a little different than a regular one. Instead of a red band around her waist tied into a ribbon at the back, this Froslass wore a torn red cloth around her waist, and a red bandanna on her head. It would be presumed that she ripped the red band around her waist and was now wearing it on her head. The group of Snorunts were all wearing red headbands, some of them carrying boxes, others carrying fire rockets, and a few carrying flags with a ♀ symbol printed on it. As Psy had guessed, it was indeed Isolde's brigade.

"Looks like they have some of the fireworks that Emboar was looking for," he thought to himself.

"Lady Isolde, what are we going to do with these?" One of the Snorunts asked.

"I'm not sure," Isolde said. "I wouldn't mind seeing fireworks, but we can't risk the safety of the forest. Leaving the forest is not an option either. Maybe we should sell them."

"Hold it right there!" they suddenly heard.

Standing in front of them was a Riolu with a red scarf around his neck and a Castform floating behind them.

"Did you just say you're going to sell them? I can't allow that!" Leon said sternly.

"Ugh… You Rescuers have a lot of nerve coming here," Isolde commented.

"W-we're not rescuers," Meri pointed out.

"We're Rogues," Leon added.

"Rogues…? You mean just like…?" Isolde pondered.

"We're The Masked! And we're here to reclaim the fireworks for its rightful owner- wait, what is..?"

Leon suddenly stopped when he noticed some of the ice statues that Isolde's brigade had along with them. Isolde was known for turning Pokémon into ice statues with her powerful Blizzard move, and she was known for sculpting statues made completely from ice. One would never be able to tell the difference. And among the statues the brigade had brought along, was one they recognized very well. A Weavile with two scars on its left cheek, its face filled with horror, the final expression captured before becoming encased in ice. It was Slasher.

"It can't be! Is that Slasher?" Leon asked in shock.

"So it's true…" Psy thought to himself, still hiding in the bush.

Isolde looked at the ground, and began mumbling. The mumble slowly became a loud yell.
"That name… That name! I never wanted to hear that name again!" she exclaimed.

"Girls! Do away with these two!" she commanded.

The Snorunts began stepping forward, prepared to attack The Masked. Leon took a fighting stance, and Meri began to change form, her head now shaped like a sun and her lower body more cloud-like.

"Ah Muk! This is bad!" Psy thought.

"Emilicia, stay here! I'll be right back!" he whispered to the Petilil.

He proceeded to crawl out of the bush through the opposite side of where Isolde and everyone were. Meanwhile The Masked and Isolde's Snorunt brigade had already begun fighting, Leon deflecting every Snorunt that lunged at him with a punch that slowly drained their energy. A white orb began appearing in front of Meri, which slowly became orange-red. She launched it at a group of Snorunts. They managed to avoid the attack, but one of the Snorunts was still holding a fire rocket that lit after it was grazed by the Weather Ball.

"Oh, no!" the Snorunt shouted. As the fuse burned completely, the fire rocket began hurdling towards Leon, the Snorunt still holding on.

"Leon! L-look out!" Meri shouted in desperation.

Leon turned, only to see a fire rocket approaching that's about a second away from making an impact on his face.
Psy finds Emilicia! He senses Isolde approaching and hides! While Isolde contemplates what to do with the fireworks she found , The Masked show up, demanding they return it. Then Leon utters a name that hits home with Isolde and they find themselves in a tussle!
part 5 of Team Durahan's Firework Bonanza featuring The Masked!

The Masked::iconhaychel:[link]


Team app:[link]
Haychel Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your interpretation with Isolde's bandanna is correct! :D

I don't think my story will be coherent with yours though, since I won't have Isolde and the Masked fighting~

Also, I don't wanna ruin this somehow, but if Isolde hates Slasher that much, why would she keep Slasher's statue, and how does Slasher, an ice-typed pokemon, get frozen anyway... :o

Great story of yours anyway, I look forward to seeing the next part! :D
AceofSpades53 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2011
Thanks. And all your answer's will be revealed soon!
Haychel Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yay! :la:
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