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When Psy arrived at the square, he noticed a large crowd near the tree house, surrounding what seemed to be an Emboar.

"Whoa, looks like something's going on over there," he said. "Let's go check it out."

Carrying Emilicia, Psy entered the crowd and carefully shuffled past all the Pokémon so he could move to the front. When he reached the front, he saw three Pokémon standing in front of the Emboar. On the left, Gunpowder, of the Rogue Guild, Chill from the Rescue Guild was in the middle, and next him stood Shroomsworth of the Merchant Guild.

"Three of the guild leaders? Together? What's going on?" Psy thought to himself.

Emilicia looked up at him with a clueless expression, her infantile mind incapable of assessing the situation.

"…So that's the gist of it, basically," Chill said, finishing a sentence. "We go into the outskirts of Creeping Forest to retrieve the fireworks that's scattered around and bring them back here."

"Fireworks? Could this be the mission Morfius was talking about in the note?" Psy uttered under his breath. He looked around, but couldn't see Morfius anywhere.

"All of ye in th' Rogue Guild will look fer th' fireworks in th' western part 'o th' forest," said Gunpowder.

"All Merchants will search in the eastern quadrant of the forest," Shroomsworth continued.

"And the Rescuers will look in the south part of the forest," Chill added.

"Alright, then. Anyone who's willing and able, please commence the search posthaste," Shroomsworth said.

All of the different guild members let out a shout and began charging towards the road that led to Creeping Forest. There were so many, that Psy and Emilicia, who were amongst those in the crowd were being pushed along as they were constrained within the group of Pokémon rushing towards the forest.

"Hey, what the-!" Psy let out as he was being pushed along. He tried pushing his way out with his back, but to no avail. "This isn't working! We'll have to wait until they reach the forest.

When Creeping Forest was in sight, Psy was struck with an idea. An idea he regrets not coming up with sooner.

"Oh! Seriously, why didn't I think of that before?" he thought.

He looked at the ground as he followed the large group in his forced jog.

"Gotta time it just right."

Psy did a small hop, and as he landed back on the ground, small domes of light appeared under his bottom paws, which burst, quickly sending him just high enough to leap over the large crowd, and landed back on the ground, leaving the crowd of Pokemon running into the forest.

"Well, that was easily taken care of. And my timing couldn't be more impeccable, we're already at the entrance of the forest," He said sarcastically.

Then he heard a slight rumbling noise. He looked behind him and saw another large group of Pokémon frantically running in their direction.

"More of them?!" Psy exclaimed.

He turned to the forest entrance and began to run, until he tripped on a rock and fell down, Emilicia falling out of his arms and landing on the ground. Meanwhile the group of Pokémon grew ever closer.

"Emilicia, run!" Psy shouted.

The baby Petilil turned around hesitantly and began hopping into the forest as quick as possible. Psy curled up into the fetal position, covering his body with his arms, bracing the incoming stampede. He closed his eyes as the group were right in front of him, and they rushed by, yelling over each other. Psy opened his eyes and stood up, finding himself to be unscathed, and looked on as the group of Pokémon disappeared into the woods.

"Man, just my luck," he thought to himself.

His eyes began to glow. He saw several traces of aura leading into the woods, the one of Emilicia blended in with all the others.

"I guess I'll be able to single it out easier if I go deeper into the woods," he thought.

He began walking towards Creeping Forest. "Man, I had no idea babies would be this much wo- Maybe I shouldn't say that out loud. Morfius might hunt me down and kill me...

...Wherever he is."
Psy finds out about the mission to locate Zhu's fireworks in the Creeping Forest! But he and Emilicia get dragged along! They're separated at the entrance of the forest, and Psy sets out to find her.

part 3 of Team Durahan's Firework Bonanza!


Team app:[link]
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this much work?
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Psy's lazy by default.
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Oh right, forgot about that
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