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The Viridian Veil
I once had a friend, a friendly friend, A friend who was friendliest to me
Me and my friend, had fun to no end, And the days were all filled with glee
But then on a day, on a uneventful day, My heart had just suddenly torn
Because on that day, much to my dismay We could not be friends anymore
The silence, it bored, right through my core, As I looked up into the sky
And that's when I could not think anymore, And so I decided to die
The Viridian Veil was known to many to only allow you to see
Death and destruction, and that death and destruction would eventually fall upon thee
So I looked through the veil, The Viridian Veil, and found that the rumors were true,
For I had really died, and I tell you no lies, Just like a phoenix, I was born anew.
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PMD-E Team Durahan event2final
"There you are!" Leon heard a voice say, as he was leaning against the fence next to his tent, situated in the habitation area of Tao Village.
He turned his head, and saw that it was Psy, holding Emilicia in his left arm, waving with his right. He sighed and turned his gaze in front of him again, staring up at the night sky. Psy walked around the tent, and noticed Leon had a slightly somber expression on his face. Psy looked at Meri, who was floating above Leon.
"Is he still bummed about that thing with Isolde earlier?"
A big sweatdrop rolled down the side of Meri's head. "Yeah, he does that s-sometimes."
She looked around for a bit. "Where's Morfius?"
"Well, since Zhu, that Emboar, thought that having a cart would help out with setting up for the firework show, Morfius decided to help him out," Psy explains. "But they should be about done now. That's why I was looking for you guys to join us."
Meri's eyes sparkled. "Did you hear that, Leon? A f-fireworks show!"
Leon let out another si
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PMD-E Team Durahan event2p8
"Emilicia!" Psy shouted.
Emilicia ceased her attack on Isolde and turned around, seeing that her guardian was okay. She immediately hopped towards him and lept into his arms. Noticing Psy's body was still cold, she pressed up against him, attempting to warm him up.
"Thanks," he said.
"Yeah, so, you didn't answer my question, dude," Morfius pointed out impatiently.
"Just show the nice Froslass your badge so we can get out of here, please?" Psy pleaded.
Morfius shrugged, then turned to look Isolde, revealing the Rescuer's Badge he kept stowed away in his bandanna. Isolde took notice of this, as well as the fact that Morfius and Psy wore matching colored bandanna's, leading her to the conclusion that Psy was telling the truth all along. She took the bandanna covering her mouth and wore it on her head, while facing the ground in embarrassment at the way she behaved.
"Fine. Take the fireworks away," she said.
Leon, Meri and Psy all let out a deep sigh.
"Psy… okay?" Emilicia asked.
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PMD-E Team Durahan event2p7
With his right arm, Psy pushed Leon slightly, urging him to back up, just like he was doing.
"They're retreating?" Isolde wondered.
Then she noticed blue sparkles floating in front of her. She quickly realized what it was, and took off her bandanna, and wore it over her mouth, revealing a scar on her forehead.
"Everyone! It's Sleep Powder! Cover your faces!" But as she gave out the warning, her Snorunt companions began falling to the ground, one by one.
Psy tutted. "Tsk. Well, that didn't work."
Isolde was furious. "I knew it! You're trying to pull one over on me!"
Psy became irritated as well. "Look, lady. We just want to bring back the fireworks. You're not exactly making it easy, you know."
Isolde raised her arms and then stretched them forward. "Go to hell, all of you!"
A strong snowy wind began to blow, overwhelming Psy and Leon, eventually encasing them in ice. Meri changed to her Snowy Form due to the cold environment Isolde created, preventing her from being frozen. She changed
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PMD-E Team Durahan event2p6
Leon quickly covered his face with his arms, bracing for the impact with the fire rocket. The hissing sound that accompanied the fire rocket sounded louder, then suddenly the sound faded. Leon looked up just in time to see the fire rocket careening upwards, exploding above the forest. As he looked in front of him, he saw a Riolu wearing a purple bandanna, holding a Snorunt under his right arm, and a dome of light in his left paw, which slowly faded.
"Force Palm?" Leon thought.
"What's this? Another Rogue?" Isolde asked.
The Snorunts ceased their attack and regrouped after Psy appeared.
"Rogue? No. I'm with the Rescue Guild. Team Durahan," he answered.
Leon noticed that Psy's legs were trembling.
"Here you go," Psy said as he threw the Snorunt at Isolde and her brigade. The Snorunt landed near them on her back.
Psy proceeded to take a deep breath, the trembling in his legs coming to a halt.
"That was way too close," he thought to himself, trying to keep a poker face, though in his mind
:iconaceofspades53:AceofSpades53 3 0
PMD writing app rogue
Team Name: Team Nil
Guild Leaders: Rogues
Leader Information
Name and Species: Ezroh; Pikachu
Nature: Quiet, strong willed
Gender: male
Strengths: Is an excellent leader, very good at managing teams and always finds his way out of a problem, no matter how insurmountable they may seem.
Weaknesses: He has a tough time handling situations on his own, which is a big problem since he starts out with no additional members.
Moves: Discharge, Volt Tackle, Thunder Punch, Volt Switch
Accessories: Red scarf, tied around his arm
Prose Presentation
"...You're kidding," Ezroh said with disbelief.
"We are not in the business of humor, young Ezroh," Devonshire responded. "As I stated before, you will have complete access to our files, and you will be provided with funds."
"What's the catch?" Ezroh asked.
"This is the catch," Gunpowder stated, as he displayed the red cloth hanging from his right claw. "You work for us."
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PMD-E Team Durahan event2p5
Halting to a stop, Emilicia looks around to see where she is. She had ventured deep into the forest. Psy told her to run, though she was not sure where to run or how far. All she did was run until there were no more Pokémon in sight. She then began wondering when her father would come find her. Admiring all the trees and plant life, the baby Petilil found herself at ease, and closed her eyes for a bit. She could hear the wind moving through the tree branches, sounding similar to waves from a large body of water crossing the shore. She also felt a little chilly, but it didn't bother her much. Then she heard a loud voice.
"Emilicia!" the voice shouted.
Emilicia opened her eyes, to see a Riolu with a purple bandanna running towards her. Her face was filled with glee and she began hopping towards the Riolu, eventually flying into his arms.
"Thank Arceus, I found you! You okay?" Psy asked.
The Petilil looked up at him and nodded. She then began inspecting him more carefully.
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PMD-E Team Durahan event2p4
Psy looked around, as he walked through the forest, seeing other Pokémon scattered around, looking for fireworks. His eyes were glowing blue, indicating he was using his Aura Vision to seek out the infant Petilil. The trace of Emilicia's aura was still muddled in with that of all the other Guild members in the forest, though not as much as when they were at the entrance. As he continued walking, less and less Pokémon seemed to be in his vicinity, as he moved further away from where the different Guild members were assigned to search. The trail of aura he followed could be identified more clearly, and he even noticed another trace, leading into a different direction.
"I see. So Morfius went that way," said Psy. "I'll make sure to meet up with him after I find Emilicia."
As he continued to follow the trail in question, someone called out to him.
"Hey, you! Where do you think you're going?"
Psy turned to his right and saw a Sneasel sticking his head out from a tree.
"Who wants t
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PMD-E Team Durahan event2p3
When Psy arrived at the square, he noticed a large crowd near the tree house, surrounding what seemed to be an Emboar.
"Whoa, looks like something's going on over there," he said. "Let's go check it out."
Carrying Emilicia, Psy entered the crowd and carefully shuffled past all the Pokémon so he could move to the front. When he reached the front, he saw three Pokémon standing in front of the Emboar. On the left, Gunpowder, of the Rogue Guild, Chill from the Rescue Guild was in the middle, and next him stood Shroomsworth of the Merchant Guild.
"Three of the guild leaders? Together? What's going on?" Psy thought to himself.
Emilicia looked up at him with a clueless expression, her infantile mind incapable of assessing the situation.
"…So that's the gist of it, basically," Chill said, finishing a sentence. "We go into the outskirts of Creeping Forest to retrieve the fireworks that's scattered around and bring them back here."
"Fireworks? Could this be the mission Morfius was
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Morfius interview meme by AceofSpades53 Morfius interview meme :iconaceofspades53:AceofSpades53 1 2 Emilicia the Shiny Petilil by AceofSpades53 Emilicia the Shiny Petilil :iconaceofspades53:AceofSpades53 3 2
PMD-E Team Durahan event2p2
Psy quickly jumped up into a sitting position on his bed. He looked to his left, and saw the egg he received yesterday slowly lean towards the end of the bed. He quickly grabbed it before it fell. Caressing the egg with his paw, he let out a big sigh. Then he noticed the note on the nightstand. He picked it up and read it.
Went to town for a mission. At least, I think it is. Left some berries on the table, and some Poké if you need to buy anything. Also, when the egg hatches, go see Missy at the Blissey Hatchery. She'll have a gift for the baby. Be back later!

"Huh," Psy uttered.
Psy looked at the egg, and his eyes began glowing blue. He could see the vibrant aura radiating from the egg, like a flame.
"It's getting close to hatching," he thought to himself, as the glow faded. "Guess we'll just have to go visit Missy, then."
He got up from his bed, walked over to the table in the middle of the house, grabbed a Chesto Berry that was in a bowl filled with assorted ber
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PMD-E Team Durahan event2p1
With a loud gasp, Psy quickly opened his eyes, and began looking around, seeing nothing but darkness.
"Morfius? Morfius, where are you?" he shouted, shaping his hand around his mouth to amplify the sound. Then he noticed his hand. Looking at it, he saw not a furry blue paw, but 5 long pink fingers. Human fingers. He then proceeded to look at his other arm, then his entire body, seeing the purple attire he remembered wearing last before becoming a Pokémon. He passed his hand over his head and felt his bushy brown hair.
"I'm... I'm human again?"
Suddenly a voice called out to him. He startled and quickly spun around to see who it was. In front of him stood three figures. The first was a Gardevoir. The second, a woman with flowing blond hair, green eyes, wearing a green dress and a necklace. from the necklace, hung a blue gem shaped like a teardrop. The third was a young girl, presumably in her early teens, also with long blond hair and green eyes, wearing a purple witch hat and a pu
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PMD-E Team Durahan m2bonus
A group of Drifloon floated through the sky, carrying a large basket. As they arrived in Tao Village Square, they slowly dropped the basket. Suddenly two Riolu, both wearing purple bandanna's jumped out. A Wynaut with a pink bowtie followed, and was approached by a Drifloon, wearing a blue scarf. The Drifloon carrying the basket flew off.
"Well, that was fun!" Morfius said with glee.
"We're finally back," Psy said.
"Hey," Cirrus said, calling out to Team Durahan.
"Yeah?" Psy asked.
"It was… nice working with you," She said hesitantly.
"Same here. Aside from the fact that I Force Palmed myself for nothing," Psy said half-jokingly.
"Hey, not my fault your forgot I could use Psychic," Cirrus said, in the same manner. They both laughed. "I agree with Shroomsworth, though."
"On what?" Psy asked.
"It's a shame you didn't join the Merchants, you'd fit in well," she answered.
"Same for you. You'd make a great Rescuer," he said in response.
"Thanks. Well, I'm gonna go report our mission re
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PMD-E Team Durahan m2p20 final
"Well… I guess we're sitting Duckletts now," Psy said. "I wonder if Mike and Shroomsworth found the villagers…"
"Hold on, I'll ask," Cirrus said as her eyes began to glow.
"Huh? Oh, right. You can do that," Psy said.
"I must admit, I've misjudged you. I never thought you'd defeat my maids, let alone hold your own this long against me. But all that ends here," Merlot said, as an orb of light appeared in front of her. "Tell Giratina I said hi." Before she could fire her Aeroblast, a stream of fire and flying green egg-shaped bombs struck her, canceling out her attack and releasing her psychic grip on Psy and the others.
"You guys made it!" Cirrus shouted.
"Of course," Mike replied.
"You'd be daft to think that we'd leave our guild members behind!" Shroomsworth added. Merlot groaned with anger and suddenly Psy flew towards her. She then grabbed Psy with her left wing and gripped him tightly. Psy cried out in pain.
"Psy!" Mike yelled.
"If anyone tries anything funny again, I'll w
:iconaceofspades53:AceofSpades53 2 20
PMD-E Team Durahan m2p19
The four Sapling villagers, still in their maid outfits, stood in utter disbelief in front of Udon, who was now lying on the ground unconscious, bested by the Swablu that faced her.
"I can't believe you took her out like it was nothing!" the Maractus exclaimed.
"That's because it was nothing. Being with Merlot for so long turned these 'dragons' into pansies," said the Swablu.
"There they are!" they suddenly heard a voice say. The Swablu turned around and saw a Charmander and a Breloom, wheeling a cart filled with eggs.
"We've come to get you out of he- oh, my!" Shroomsworth said as he saw the dragons lying on the floor. "I guess you lot are quite capable of fending for yourselves, it seems."
"Actually, I take full credit," the Swablu said.
"R-right. Where are the other villagers?" Mike asked.
"Back at home," the Lilligant answered.
"The four of us came here to help them escape, and we succeeded, but we got caught in their stead."
"It's good to hear they're safe. That means Merlo
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Current Residence: Aruba
Favourite genre of music: rock, trance, j-pop, J-rock, videogame music
Favourite photographer: Javier Cuneo
Favourite style of art: Poetry...?
Operating System: Windows XP
Shell of choice: Squirtle's. Yeah, I went there.
Personal Quote: ...That's the only way I know how to live.
I've been pretty much only lurking on DA, not so much worrying about uploading stuff.
But the other day, I made a poem, and I thought, oh why not?

So here it is.…

I don't know what this says about futur uploads, but...

Thing is, aside from hosting gaming and anime events with Under The Hut,
I've been working on other projects too.
One of which are books that I'm writing.

Anyway, I still frequent DA almost every day, so say howdy when you'd like.



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